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Customer Awarded $8 Million in Slip and Fall at Burger King


Imagine taking a quick bathroom break at a restaurant and ending up being permanently disabled. This was the case for a Florida man who went to use the restroom inside a Burger King. He slipped and fell, suffering serious injuries and left unable to work.

A Broward County jury recently found Burger King guilty of negligence resulting in serious injuries to the customer. The victim, a 48-year-old man, was awarded a whopper of a payout, at just under $8 million. This amount is one of the largest slip and fall verdicts in state history.

The slip and fall accident happened in 2019 in Hollywood, Florida. The man was using the restroom inside the Burger King when he slipped and fell on a “foreign substance.” A jury found the owner of the Burger King franchise, Seven Restaurants, 100% liable for causing the slip and fall.

The man was originally awarded $7.81 million in damages, but that was reduced to $7.68 million to account for medical expenses already covered by insurance. The total includes $3.35 million for lost earnings.

The man and his lawyer are happy with the outcome. The man allegedly suffered tremendous hardship due to the fast food restaurant’s negligence. No amount of money can undo those damages. However, the award he received will provide him and his family with the financial resources to move forward.

The man’s injuries left him unable to work, which was “a major part of his identity.” This lack of earning power resulted in financial and emotional strain for the man. The man will be forced to pay large sums of money for medical bills as well as other expenses to alleviate his pain and suffering.

The main factor in determining the verdict was the fact that the man suffered permanent gastrointestinal issues due to the fall. The man received surgery for lower back injuries and this led to a perforated colon.

The man and his lawyer originally tried to recover compensation from Burger King’s insurance company, but they denied any wrongdoing and offered just $200,000 to settle the case. This is hardly anything, considering the man has already spent much more than that in medical expenses.

Seven Restaurants is not happy with the outcome of the case. On May 19, the company filed a motion for a new trial. They allege that the man presented “virtually no evidence” that the restaurant’s manager knew about the “foreign substance” that caused the man to slip and fall and suffer injuries. They also claim that the man’s $7.8 million award is “clearly excessive.”

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Slips and falls can happen anywhere. Even a quick trip to a fast food restaurant can result in an accident that can affect you permanently as well as cause emotional and financial strain.

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