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Slip And Fall Prevention For Commercial Businesses


Slips and falls are serious issues for businesses. These accidents can affect customers and employees, causing serious injuries and even death.

Many commercial facilities in Florida and across the country prevent slip and fall accidents on stairs by using epoxy coatings embedded with aggregate or non-skid adhesive tapes. These methods are appealing because they can be easily applied by untrained personnel.

But there’s a lot more that businesses can do to keep everyone who steps onto the property safe. It’s important for business owners to keep slip and fall prevention in mind, as these accidents can lead to costly lawsuits that can affect their bottom line. Here are some ways they can reduce the risk.

Get Rid of Spills Immediately

Water and other liquids on floors can cause serious injuries if someone slips on them. No matter where the water or snow comes from, it needs to be addressed right away for best results. The quicker the spill is cleaned, the lesser the risk of injuries or death from a fall.

Warn Customers

In the winter, it can be almost impossible for businesses to remove water, ice, and snow from heavily trafficked areas. While mopping up water promptly can be a huge help, adequate signage can help warn customers before they approach high-risk areas. This can also help with liability and give you leverage in lawsuits.

Choose Slip-Resistant Floors

Studies show that half of all floors in business environments failed to meet minimal dynamic coefficient of friction (DCOF) levels. A DCOF of 0 means that there is no friction, so for slip resistance purposes, a higher number means the surface is less slippery, which is what you want to aim for. Look for a DCOF of 1 or close to it to reduce the risks of slips and falls.

Place Floor Mats Strategically

While slip-resistant flooring can be a great help, floor mats in various areas of the building can also be helpful in soaking up water from shoes and boots so that it doesn’t get tracked all the store. Some of the best locations for floor mats are near entrances, outside restaurant kitchens, and near bathrooms.

Check Bathrooms Frequently

Restrooms tend to attract water and spills, which can lead to serious slips and falls. Try to check the facilities every few hours or so to clean up spills and other messes that can lead to accidents.

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today

Slips and falls are no laughing matter. Thousands of people die from them every year and many others are seriously injured. Businesses need to take proper steps to protect customers.

A Bradenton slip & fall lawyer from the Cahall Law Firm can help determine liability and help you understand your legal options. Schedule a free consultation today by calling (941) 281-2019 or filling out the online form.



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