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Monthly Archives: May 2021


Distracted Driving Accidents In Florida

By Cahall Law Firm |

We lead busy lives and this often means we have to multitask. We may multitask at home, talking on the phone while cooking or cleaning the house. Many of us multitask at the office, working on multiple documents or dealing with several customers at once. However, you should never multitask while driving. Many people… Read More »

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What Is The Florida Deceptive And Unfair Trade Practices Act (FDUTPA)?

By Cahall Law Firm |

Being a consumer can be a challenge, especially when you’re purchasing products from an online business or a place where you’ve never shopped before. How do you know that you’ll actually receive the goods you paid for? Sometimes you just can’t tell. You may read all the reviews about a company, but still don’t… Read More »

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What To Know When Shopping For Auto Insurance

By Cahall Law Firm |

Cars come with a lot of expenses. From payments to gas to maintenance to registration, drivers spend thousands of dollars a year on their vehicles. But don’t forget another expense: insurance. For full coverage on a vehicle in the United States, expect to pay around $1600 per year. However, that amount can vary based… Read More »

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Abuse And Neglect In Florida Nursing Homes

By Cahall Law Firm |

Many people plan to spend their retirement in Florida. After all, it is the Sunshine State, the home of gorgeous weather and beaches. It’s a paradise for many. Florida tops the list in terms of elderly people, with 4.5 million in the state. These people need good quality care and that’s hard to find… Read More »

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