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Bradenton Toddler Hit, Killed by Car in Driveway


Young children are quick. Once they start walking, it’s hard to catch up with them. In a blink of an eye, a toddler can get next to or behind a vehicle without the driver knowing. Unfortunately, this situation often ends in tragedy.

Sadly, this was the case for a toddler. The 2-year-old boy died after he walked toward an SUV and tried to open the door while the driver was in reverse, causing the vehicle to run over him twice. The fatal accident occurred on the morning of March 6 in Bradenton.

The accident happened on Anchor Bay Trail, in Lakewood Ranch. The toddler was standing by the rear passenger side door of a Lexus SUV. The vehicle was in a neighborhood driveway, with the driver backing up the vehicle. The boy tried to open the door and then walked toward the back of the SUV. The driver, the boy’s 31-year-old mother, did not see the child. The woman hit the boy, stopped, and then continued backing up, hitting the child a second time.

The mother stopped the car on Anchor Bay Trail after noticing the boy in the driveway. Manatee County EMS arrived at the accident scene, but the boy was pronounced dead.

The driver and a passenger in the SUV, a 6-year-old girl, were not injured. The crash is still under investigation.

Backover Car Accidents

Every year, thousands of children in the United States are seriously injured or killed in backover car accidents. A backover accident occurs when a driver who is moving their vehicle in reverse hits another person or vehicle. Backover car accidents take place mainly in driveways and parking lots.

The victims of backover car accidents are typically young children. In fact, every week, it is estimated that 50 children are backed over by cars because a driver could not see them. Of these 50, at least two are fatal. The size of the vehicle is the main reason for this, as more than 60% of backover crashes involve a pickup truck, van, or SUV.

Sadly, in 70% of these accidents, the driver is a parent or other relative. Also, most victims of backover accidents are very young children still starting to walk, ranging from 12 to 23 months of age.

Unfortunately, children do not understand the dangers of slow-moving vehicles. They are also very impulsive and have no awareness about property lines as well, such as driveways, sidewalks, and streets.

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Unfortunately, car accidents can happen in an instant, killing toddlers and others who get in the path of a vehicle.

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