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Florida Bill Proposes Dangerous Dog Registry


They say that dogs are man’s best friend, but that’s not always the case. Unfortunately, many dogs are mean. They may attack people out of nowhere. Many children and adults are injured and killed in dog attacks every year.

Florida is cracking down on dangerous dogs and has even created a bill to do so. The Florida Legislature is in talks to create a statewide registry for dangerous dogs. Two state bills are in the House and Senate.

One bill is named the “Pam Rock Bill,” after a woman who was killed by five dogs in Putnam County. The bill would force owners to add their dog to the registry. In addition, they would have to obtain liability insurance as well as inform animal control when the dog is loose, sold, or moved to a new area. The bill is sponsored by Sen. Jay Collins, who says the stories of dog bites made him want to pursue this bill and make it a law. The bill was approved by a Senate subcommittee in January and is going to the judiciary subcommittee.

According to the Senate bill, if a dog is declared dangerous, owners have to put them in a proper enclosure, get liability insurance of about $100,000, put permanent identification, like a tattoo or microchip, on the dog, and notify animal control if the dog is loose, sold or moving to a new address.

Rock’s brother spoke about the Pam Rock Bill, saying that the bill would give owners tougher penalties. He hopes this will prevent violent attacks. He says these dog attacks are preventable. On behalf of Florida dog bite victims, he hopes to get the legislation passed soon.

Sen. Collins is against having the government tell dog owners what to do. However, he acknowledges that the stories about dog attacks are real and hopes people take them seriously. The bill has been approved so far. It includes two new amendments that exclude police dogs and hunting dogs from the legislation.

However, the owner of North Tampa Dog Training doesn’t think the bill will work. He says the new laws won’t get rid of the root issue. While he doesn’t have a  problem with the bill, he just hopes dangerous dogs get the proper training they need to avoid attacks. He says it’s rare to have a dog that can’t be rehabilitated from dangerous behavior like biting. The owner says it’s important to break the cycle of fear, and that is what he does best.

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Dog attacks are becoming an epidemic in Florida and other parts of the country. It’s becoming necessary to ensure owners are responsible for their dogs, and a registry can be helpful in this regard.

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