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2 Injured in Florida City Dog Attack


Dogs are often protective creatures. They will do anything to protect their owners, but sometimes they get in the way when someone tries to help their owners. This can make the dog angry, causing them to attack and cause serious injuries to the face and other parts of the body.

This recently happened in Florida City. A woman was attacked by a dog while trying to help another woman who was suffering from a medical episode. The incident happened on the morning of October 16 at a mobile home at 345 SW 4th Street.

A Miami-Dade animal services unit and five units from Miami-Dade Fire arrived at the scene and found an unresponsive woman as well as another woman who had severe injuries to her face. What happened is that the woman who was unresponsive suffered a medical episode. As the second woman tried to help her, the dog got upset. It became protective and attacked the woman. The unresponsive woman is the dog owner.

The unresponsive woman was transported to Homestead Hospital, where she is currently in stable condition. The victim suffering from facial injuries was airlifted to Jackson South Trauma. She is in serious but stable condition.

The dog is allegedly a pit bull. It is currently in the custody of Miami Dade County Animal Services.

When Dogs Are Protective of Their Owners

Dogs are known as man’s best friend because of their loyalty to their owners. As a dog owner, you may consider your dog to be your family, but a dog will also consider you to be part of their family. Dogs are fairly smart and are fully aware that their master takes good care of them, so they repay the favor by ensuring their owner suffers no harm. Because of this, dogs do not take too kindly to those who may pose a threat to you.

However, in an effort to protect you, a dog may get aggressive. They may overreact to certain situations. They may continually bark and growl. They may lunge toward the threat (a person or an animal). Your dog may also bare their teeth and snap at the threat. When they are extremely aggressive, they may bite the threat. This leads to dog attacks.

These attacks are caused by overprotective behavior. Some causes of this behavior include a lack of rules or structure in the home or a lack of food or water. Sometimes the dog is overly aggressive due to being abused or attacked by an animal in the past. If the owner rewards or reinforces this behavior with treats or praise, the dog may think the behavior is fine.

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