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Sarasota Homeowners Association Dispute Lawyer

Many Florida residents live in homeowner associations (HOAs). HOAs ensure a community maintains a specific level of decorum and presentability. Plus, they help keep the peace. Because of this, they are often very nice neighborhoods to live in. HOAs often have pools or common areas for the homeowners.

Despite all these positive sides, many people have negative things to say about HOAs. Indeed, the ones in charge can be aggressive, with the slightest issue causing a huge battle. Your HOA may try to foreclose on your home for something as seemingly minor as putting a flag up outside.

Don’t let your HOA dispute result in a costly legal battle. See how a Sarasota homeowners association dispute lawyer from The Cahall Law Firm PLLC can help you understand your legal options. Schedule a consultation today.

Your Obligations as a Homeowner

Once you have moved into a specific neighborhood and signed this contract, you agree to abide by all of its terms. You can get in trouble with the HOA if you breach one or more parts of the contract, such as the following:

  • Failure to abide by association bylaws
  • Failing to pay your dues
  • Failing to pay assessed fees for community property

Depending on the scope of the contract, the HOA may be able to assess various penalties such as:

  • Forcing you to pay a fine
  • Placing a lien against your mortgage
  • Foreclosing on your home

While these penalties may seem harsh, these very remedies are likely listed in the contract. Therefore, you should be sure to read a neighborhood association contract carefully before signing.

Common Homeowners Association Lawsuits

Many homeowners file lawsuits against HOAs over issues such as the following:

  • Misuse of funds. HOA fees need to be spent on things that are in the community’s best interests. The money should not be given to charity or placed in a board member’s personal account.
  • In HOAs, discrimination is common among disabled homeowners who need special accommodations.
  • Failure to maintain common areas. HOA fees are in place to pay for maintenance and repairs to common areas. When a pool is not working or part of the playground breaks, the HOA needs to repair the issue promptly.
  • Pet disputes. Sometimes homeowners will disagree about HOA rules regarding pets. They may want more than two dogs, for example, and go to court in an attempt to change the rule.

Contact The Cahall Law Firm PLLC Today

HOAs are often seen as negative since they come with a lot of restrictions. There are so many rules in place and you’re bound to break one or two. When this happens, what can you do?

If you’re facing issues from your HOA, see how The Cahall Law Firm PLLC can help. Our Sarasota homeowners association dispute lawyers will go to work for you to help you obtain the best possible results under the circumstances. To schedule a consultation with our office, call (941) 281-2019 or fill out the online form. Call Cahall and get justice.

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