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Sarasota Breach of Contract Dispute Lawyer

Most businesses use contracts for some reason or another. They may create contracts with customers when goods and services are being provided. Maybe they have employment contracts in place.

A contract is a good way to get both parties on the same page and get them to do certain things to keep up their end of the agreement. However, that doesn’t mean that everyone will follow the agreement. When someone does not hold up their end of the agreement, this is called a breach of contract.

When someone breaches an agreement, it can be frustrating. Fortunately, there are legal remedies available to resolve the matter. Contact a Sarasota breach of contract dispute lawyer from The Cahall Law Firm PLLC to learn more about your next steps.

Common Types of Contracts

There are several types of contracts that you may come across:

  • Services contracts. Services contracts are often used in the construction industry, in which a contractor works with a client to complete a home or other building project. These contracts specify the payment schedule and responsibilities of both parties involved.
  • Employment contracts. Employment contracts detail the responsibilities that employers and employees have toward each other. They also set expectations for compensation, conduct, and termination.
  • Buy-sell contracts. These contracts are often used when someone buys a company. They determine how a business, its employees, and other resources will be transferred once the business is sold.

What to Do When a Breach Occurs

What happens when a breach occurs? Here’s how to work things out:

  • Talk to the other party. Communication is key. Sometimes the other party isn’t even aware that a breach has occurred. Odds are an honest mistake happened, so discuss the situation with the other party and see how they feel and if they want to continue on with the relationship.
  • Consider the damage. Add up the damages. Think about outstanding payments, lost revenue, expenses from additional costs, and other money that you have lost due to the breach. Then determine whether or not a lawsuit is worthwhile. You’ll have to pay legal costs as well, so you want the damages to be significant enough to take action.
  • Consider alternatives. You don’t necessarily have to go to court. You can try to reach an agreement with the other party by using arbitration or mediation. Mediation uses a third party to help the parties reach an agreement. Arbitration is more formal, plus an arbitrator makes a ruling on the case.

Contact The Cahall Law Firm PLLC Today

Unfortunately, contracts are not always followed. The company may fail to perform the services they promised. A customer may fail to make payments.

The Cahall Law Firm PLLC can help you understand your legal options. Going to court is not the only way to resolve your problem. Contact a Sarasota breach of contract disputes lawyer today. Call (941) 281-2019 or fill out the online form to schedule a consultation. Call Cahall and get justice.

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