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Bradenton Premises Liability Lawyer

Property owners have a duty to maintain their premises so that people on their property will be safe from accidental injuries or assaults. When an injury does occur, holding the property owner liable can be an uphill battle. The owner of the property might be insured, but rather than pay a fair amount for the damages caused, the insurance company is likely to try and avoid liability by claiming the victim was responsible for the accident or say that their injuries are not very severe. That’s why you need a serious and aggressive attorney on your side who can build a strong case based on the facts and evidence and present it in a compelling way that convinces the other side to do what is right and pay up.

Whether presenting to a judge or jury or to the insurance company outside of court, Bradenton premises liability lawyer Don Cahall has the knowledge, skill and experience combined with a fierce dedication to his clients necessary to get the job done. The Cahall Law Firm represents people in Bradenton every day who suffered a serious injury because of another party’s negligence. If you’ve been injured on another’s dangerously unsafe property, come get justice. Call Cahall.

Types of Premises Liability Claims in Bradenton

Any accidental injury or intentional tort on another’s property can give rise to a premises liability claim if the owner or property manager did not take reasonable steps for the victim’s safety. The leading kinds of premises liability cases in Bradenton include the following:

  • Slip and fall
  • Assaults/negligent security
  • Swimming pool drowning
  • Accidents at worksites or active construction sites on the premises
  • Malfunctioning elevators and escalators
  • Tripping hazards
  • Objects falling from shelves
  • Toxic exposure to harmful chemicals, fumes, lead or mold

Property Owner Duties to Accident Victims

Under Florida premises liability law, the duty that a property owner, landlord or property manager owes to the victim differs depending on the legal status of the victim on the premises. A premises liability accident victim could be classified as an invitee, licensee or trespasser, with different levels of responsibility owed to each class of visitor.


As the name suggests, an invitee is someone who is expressly or impliedly invited to come onto the premises. Invitees include business customers and social guests, as well as members of the public at large for properties open to the public. Property owners owe the highest level of duty to invitees compared to other classes of visitors. This duty includes making regular inspections of the property and promptly correcting any hazards that are uncovered. Until the dangerous condition is corrected, the property owner should adequately warn invitees about the danger. Grocery stores, retail stores and restaurants, for instance, should have employees who routinely walk the floor and look for spills or items that could represent a slipping or tripping hazard, and they should act promptly to correct the situation.


A licensee is someone who has a right to come on the property even if not invited; in other words, they have a license to enter the premises. This entry may be for the benefit of the licensee or the property owner. Examples of licensees include postal workers or package delivery persons, meter readers, cable installers, inspectors, business vendors and suppliers, and repair persons. Property owners have a duty to warn licensees about known dangers, although they don’t owe the same duty to inspect and repair as they do for invitees.


A trespasser is someone who had no lawful right to enter the property or someone who remained on the premises after closing or after being told to leave. Property owners don’t have any duty to trespassers to inspect the property, make repairs, or warn them about known dangers. However, property owners can’t actively set out to harm trespassers by setting dangerous traps or dangerous mechanisms such as tripwires or spring guns.

The Cahall Law Firm Seeks Justice for Premises Liability Victims in Bradenton

If you’ve been hurt in an accident on another’s property, be sure to report the incident, make sure it gets documented, and get a copy of the report. See a doctor if your injuries are urgent, but as soon as possible call The Cahall Law Firm to speak with an experienced and successful Bradenton premises liability lawyer. We provide a free consultation to learn about your claim and let you know how we can help, and we’ll go to work immediately seeking a full amount of compensation to help you deal with your medical costs, pain and suffering, and other legal damages. Come get justice after a premises liability injury in Bradenton. Call Cahall.

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